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Address:No.36 Huanghe Dajie, Rare Earth Development Zone, Baotou, Inner Mongolia , China
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  Registered in 2001, National Engineering Research Centre of Rare Earth Metallurgy and Functional Materials Co., Ltd.(Ruike Centre for short) is the largest holding subsidiary of Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earths.
  Centre is located at No.36 Huanghe Dajie ,Baotou Rare Earth Development Zone, Inner Mongolia,China. It is the key high-technology enterprise of Baotou Development Zone. It owns an high-level and rich-experienced rare earth research team and is equipped with advanced instruments and facilities which make the company a technique leading position in rare earth industry.
   Centre has pilot production line of rare earth hydrometallurgical process and environmental protection engineering laboratory, rare earth functional materials engineering laboratory and pilot production line of magnetostrictive materials, rare earth analysis and testing centre and rare earth information Centre. Moreover, the company sets up an rare earth pyrometallurgy process and environmental protection engineering laboratory and large rare earth molten salt electrolysis sample production line.
   Centre keeps making progress in new process, new products and environmental protection technology of rare earth hydrometallurgy. The developed specific powder and rare earth compounds are widely used in various fields. In terms of rare earth pyrometallurgy, the company has not only the large rare earth molten salt electrolysis technique and whole sets of equipment, but also the national leading preparation technique of rare earth metals intermediate alloys, high purity rare earth metals and rare earth metal powder, wire and rod. The research and development of rare earth functional materials focus on rare earth permanent magnetic materials, magnetostrictive materials, magnetic refrigerating materials, rare earth UHV electric heating materials and process and equipment for preparation of various functional materials with rare earth or high purity materials without rare earth. Meanwhile, the company also conducts the research on rare earth analysis method and rare earth information. Its Rare Earth Analysis and Testing Centre is the State authorized analysis laboratory for rare earth import and export commodities. It drew many analyzsis method stantards and prepared many analysis reference samples, ranking the most powerful analysis Centre in China. Rare Earth Information Centre not only provides information services for the research, production and operation in BRIRE and Ruike company, but also is the indispensable information service Centre for the whole rare earth industry and governmental decision-makers. It takes on the edition and publishcation of some official journals of the State Developing and Reform Commission and the Chinese Society of Rare Earths.
   Centre exerts itself on transferring its research results into production and herewith which strengthen itself. The held subsidiary Baotou Rewin Rare Earth Metal Materials Co.,Ltd. is one of the largest rare earth metal production bases. It has the products of individual rare earth metals, mischmetals and other non-ferrous metals. More, Ruike invests in Baotou Jingrui New Materials Co., Ltd. with technology and capitals which has the products of high purity rare earth compounds, specific rare earth compounds and complex rare earth compounds used for catalytic materials and phosphors. All the above products employ the technology of Ruike itself.
   In respect of the rare earth functional materials, Centre takes rare earth super magnetostrictive materials, rare earth UHV heating elements and a series of special-used rare earth compounds, rare earth magnetic materials and its application devices as the main products series.
   To research new, high and accurate technology, develop high scientific and technological products, operate profitable enterprise, cultivate high quality staff is the Ruike's business operation policy.


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Address: No.36 Huanghe Dajie, Rare Earth Development Zone, Baotou, Inner Mongolia , China